Cannabis: The Botany of Desire

Based on a bestselling botany book, The Botany of Desire is a fascinating documentary that offers a fresh look at the human-plant relationship from the plant’s point of view. It focuses on four very different plants: the potato, the apple, the tulip, and cannabis. Each of these plants has unique traits that serve human needs across the world. In exchange for the desired traits, humans have cultivated these plants worldwide — far from their small original habitats.

The cannabis plant certainly deserves it’s own segment for this film. It is one of the most ancient cultivated plants in history, and despite its unearned illegal status in many countries, is also one of the most successful plants in the world. Unfortunately, this segment of The Botany of Desire doesn’t touch much on cannabis’ other countless uses, other than a brief explanation. The versatility of both hemp and marijuana strains on cannabis is what makes this plant so remarkable, and this segment fails to illustrate that. Perhaps covering all uses of cannabis (food, fuel, clothing, fiber, medicine) would take up too much film time? Either way, the documentary describes the human-cannabis relationship from a unique perspective.

The entire Botany of Desire film is available online, and worth a watch for botanists and cultivators of any skill.