Making Hemp Bracelets with I-tal Hemp Wick

The I-tal Hemp Wick has many uses. As Nature’s strongest plant fiber coated in all-natural waterproof beeswax, our hemp wicks can be used for tasks from impromptu board leashes to emergency shoulder bag straps. One of the most popular alternative uses for I-tal Hemp Wick is to weave them into attractive jewelry. Making hemp bracelets is easy. Follow the easy directions below and have your very own water-resistent hemp wick bracelets in no time!

What you’ll need:

  • I-tal Hemp Wick
  • Scissors
  • Safety Pin
  • Beads (optional)


1. Take a strand of hemp wick and cut it at 24 inches. Take a second strand and cut it to half the length at 12 inches.

2. Line up the two strands, with the smaller one centered below the longer one. Fold both wicks in half so that there’s a point in the middle, making sure sure that the ends of both pieces are even. Knot the middle points of both strands of hemp wicks together, leaving a half end loop.

3. Stick the safety pin through the knot and fasten it to the fabric of a sturdy fabric such as curtains, a rug or the clothes you’re wearing. You can also keep the knot in place by setting a heavy object on the end.

4. Begin weaving the hemp wick strands. Put the two short strands in the middle leaving the two longer  strands on the outside. Weave the right outer strand over the middle strands and  under the left outer strand. Keep a hold on the right outer strand and weave the  left outer strand under the middle strands and over the right outer strand. Pull  both outer strands to tighten.

5. Take the left outer strand and weave it under the middle strands and then  over the right outer strand. Keeping hold of the left outer strand you then  weave the right outer strand over the middle strands and under the left strand.  Pull both the outer left and right strands to tighten the weaves. Repeat Steps 4  and 5 until the bracelet is the length you wanted for your wrist. This is called a flat weave. Tie the  end strings into a knot and pull through the loop and knot again to fasten the  bracelet.