The Healing of the Nations: HEMP!

Take a moment to learn about Hemp:

Cultivation of hemp dates back all the way to the emergence of human civilization and has been a primary agricultural product for over 10,000 years.

Hemp is now found on 6 continents, and has played an important role in the development of many prominent cultures. It has often been described as the “Miracle Plant” ,“Spirit Plant” or “Gift of the Most High (God)”.

The fibers found in hemp can be spun together to create among the strongest and durable natural linens and cordage. It can be used to create a whole array of products including plastics, oils, cosmetics, and building materials.

As an industrial textile, cultivation of the hemp plant offers a sustainable, all-natural alternative to many more costly and ecologically damaging farming processes.

The earliest US laws concerning hemp actually encouraged (and some later required) farmers to dedicate portions of their land solely to hemp production and cultivation. Many of our nation’s founding members sought to use hemp as the defining crop of american agriculture. Hemp paper was used to draft the first copies of both the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

During WWII Americans were encouraged to grow hemp in support of the military effort due to shortened availability of imported supplies. It has even been used as currency during wartime when money from the government was in short supply.

Unfortunately, a combination of implemented racial tensions and the financial interests of those in power, has led industrial hemp and all forms of cannabis to be heavily scrutinized and largely feared by the general public, and so remains illegal for commercial production.

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