Q. What is I-tal Hemp Wick?

The Original I-Tal Hemp Wick is a wonderful, clean burning flame source for all smoking enthusiasts. Made of 100% natural, raw, HEMP twine saturated and cured in 100%, highly refined beeswax, I-Tal Hemp Wick contains no fillers, chemicals or impurities. It burns hot and it burns clean, and contains no butane flavors or toxic sulfurs, making for a healthier and tastier smoking experience.

Q. Why HEMP?

HEMP is a 100% renewable and earth friendly resource with a wide variety of uses and benefits. Hemp planting reduces deforestation and improves the soil upon which it is grown. Hemp is also one of most useful and oldest known cultivated crops.

Hemp can be food, clothing, oil, resins, paints, fuel, biodegradable plastics, paper and much more. And this vigorous and hardy plant is ready for harvest in 120 days (compared to a tree’s tens to hundreds of years). It is said that one acre of hemp can make 4 times as much paper as an acre of trees.

Hemp puts down a taproot in 30 days, preventing topsoil erosion, and doesn’t require much irrigation, allowing it to grow in arid regions. Hemp’s soil nutrients concentrate in the plants roots and leaves. After harvest the roots remain and the leaves are returned to the fields, so soil nutrients are preserved. (The vast majority of crops do the opposite, leeching the soil of its nutrients). Combined with its ability to crowd out weeds, hemp makes an ideal cover crop to increase the health of many farms and gardens worldwide.

Check out these videos and spread the word about hemp!!



Beeswax is an all-natural, water proof substance used since ancient times to make wicks and rope more durable, and helps to preserve your I-Tal Hemp Wick for long periods of time. The beeswax also acts as a fuel, keeping the wick burning hot, slow and steady. Without the beeswax, the wick’s flame size would be insubstantial and would quickly burn out.

Beeswax is one of the only known fuels to emit air-cleaning negative ions which help to remove toxins and purify the air. Beeswax burns brighter, longer and cleaner than any man-made wax, most of which are by-products of the petroleum industry. Studies have shown that burning beeswax also stimulates the pituitary gland, increasing intuition, and creativity. The spectrum of light from burning beeswax is identical to that of the sun. Used for thousands of years by cultures worldwide for art, candles and preserving twine, beeswax does not deteriorate over time, and will never go rancid or rot. And when sustainably harvested, beeswax actually helps bees maintain a healthy hive.


Q. How do I use I-tal Hemp Wick?
  1. The Original I-Tal Hemp Wick is easy to use! Simply follow the directions below, and remember to treat your burning wick with care.
    1. First, choose a flame source, such as a match or lighter. Candles are also great for multiple lightings
    2. Pull tight 3-4 inches of your I-Tal Hemp Wick
    3. Light the wick with the external flame source
    4. Tilt up and down to control flame size
    5. Use the clean burning flame and enjoy the natural taste or your smoke and health benefits of use!
    6. Extinguish your Hemp wick safely, by snuffing against a glass surface or with a finger pinch (when using the I-Tal Hemp Wick Lighter Sleeve, use the metal tab)

    Warning: Make sure the wick is completely out!

    1. Tell your friends how much you love it, and pass it on!


Q. What are the Benefits of I-tal Hemp Wick?

* Our I-Tal Hemp Wick’s eliminate foul tasting and unhealthy lighter fumes,
like those produced by traditional lighters

* Our I-Tal Hemp Wick’s provide a clean burning flame (no chemical tastes)
for the smoking connoisseur

* Our I-Tal Hemp Wick’s allow you to totally enjoy the full flavors of your favorite smoking blends

* Our I-Tal Hemp Wick’s inherently prolong the life of your other lighters, which reduces the amount of lighters being sent to landfills each year

By choosing to light up with I-Tal Hemp Wick, smokers can enjoy several benefits over lighters:

* Better for your Health: Our I-Tal Hemp Wicks eliminate foul tasting and unhealthy lighter fumes produced by traditional lighters, which often contain traces of butane and metals in flint dust.

* Superior Taste: Our I-Tal Hemp Wicks provide a clean burning flame (no chemical tastes) for the smoking connoisseur, allowing you to totally enjoy the full flavors of your favorite smoking blends.

* Cooler Flame: The I-Tal Hemp Wick creates a flame that burns cooler than the flame from a standard lighter, resulting in a less damaging, more flavorful smoke.

* Environmentally Friendly: Burning with our I-Tal Hemp Wicks will prolong the life of your other lighters, reducing the amount of lighters being sent to landfills each year.

Unlike most cotton candle wicks, which are often bleached and have been known to contain metal cores, our I-Tal Hemp Wicks are made of 100% pure, unbleached hemp fibers.

Q. Orgins/History


One of the first plants to be cultivated in ancient times, hemp has been used for everything from food to clothing for thousands of years. Hemp wicks and twine appeared before the start of recorded history, and played a major role in many different cultures. They served as candles and other light-giving devices, and also served many other uses that are still around today, including pipe lighters, modern wicks for candles, and of course our own I-Tal Hemp Wicks.

The first people recorded to have used hemp wicks are the ancient Egyptians, who portrayed hemp twine and cord on the walls of temples and tombs. Even the letter “H” was represented by a picture of a hemp wick in Egyptian hieroglyphics. This simple yet profound symbol of our modern lighters can be located on ancient walls, clay tables, and jewelry throughout Egypt. From Egypt and the Middle East, the use of hemp twine and wicks spread across Asia and Europe, and the hemp plant was widely cultivated by cultures from Western Europe to China.

During ancient times, beeswax secreted by honeybees came into use, and was the first wax and plastic substance used by cultures worldwide. Also used by the ancient Egyptians, beeswax has been found on temple walls dating to 3400 BCE . It was easy to see right away why these beeswax candles were superior to candles made of tallow. Burning clean with no smoke or bad smell, beeswax made the perfect medium for candles in ancient times, and when paired with a wick made of hemp, is still used to make high-quality candles today.

Thanks to a new era in awareness and consciousness, it is now extremely easy for everyone to enjoy the benefits of using these all-natural and organic hemp products. Visit the ABOUT US page to learn the history of the I-Tal Hemp Wick… a modern return to an ancient resource.


Q. Testimonials

I have been using the hemp wick for 2 years straight an have been influencing everybody to use it whenever I come across someone who ask me what it is, I love spreading the word to save peoples lungs, I have gotten everyone I know an smokes to use it now like its a trend, I do it cause I hate lighters, I haven’t used a lighter since I used the hemp wick, it helps my lungs an makes me feel cleaner without smoking with lighter gas… I thank your company for making these.”

-          CB, hip-hop artist from Toronto, Canada

Q. What about Conventional Butane and Flint Lighters?

Although widely popular among smoke enthusiast worldwide, butane lighters contain chemicals that can cause damage to the body and ruin the taste of smoke. Inhaling large amounts of butane, for example, can cause drowsiness, asphyxiation and even cardiac arrest. While much of the butane is burned off when lighting a butane lighter, some trace amounts are still inhaled. Fire from butane lighters also contains trace amounts of harmful hydrocarbons. Flint lighters, meanwhile, contain metal alloys (called “flint dust”) that get flicked into the flame. These can also be inhaled and can build up over time.

Check the short video below for a detailed look into what happens when you light up with a conventional lighter: