How to Make I-tal Hemp Wick Candles

As nature’s strongest natural fiber, hemp twine is far superior to using cotton string as a wick for wax candles. Our I-tal Hemp Wicks make perfect candle wicks. They are already pre-treated by being coated with beeswax, and burn with a cool, slow-burning flame. You can easily make  homemade I-tal Hemp Wick candles by following the instructions below, and enjoy the natural soft light of a hemp wick candle.

Here’s how to make homemade hemp wick candles using the I-tal Hemp Wick:

What you need:

- I-tal Hemp Wick

- Glass jar or container

- Candle wax (beeswax or other nonsynthetic wax is best)

- Saucepan

- Small metal tin


1. Take a piece of I-tal Hemp Wick and cut it to about four inches longer than the candle container.

2. Pick a clean and dry glass jar that’s the size you want your candle to be. For small candles, baby food jars work great. Mason jars work great for the larger candles.

3. Coat the inside of the jar with coconut or olive oil to let the candle out out of the jar when the wax cools (skip this step if you plan on leaving the candle in the jar).

4. Tie the top of the hemp wick to a pencil or similar object and hang it over the candle container so that the wick is centered, with the bottom tip at the bottom of the jar.

5. Place the saucepan on the stove and fill it halfway with tap water. Place the smaller tin inside the pot and turn the stove on low heat.

6. Add the wax to the metal tin.  Carefully watch while the  wax begins to melt in order to prevent burning.

7. Once the wax completely melts to a liquid, carefully pour it into the jar, keeping the hemp wick in the center.

8. Wait for the wax to cool. Once it does you can remove the candle from the  jar. If you have any problems getting the candle out of the jar you can use a  knife to go around the edges.

9. Cut the wick to size and enjoy your homemade I-tal Hemp Wick candle!